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Top 10 Wedding Themes for 2020

In this age of Social Media and an over abundance of access to images how do you not get lost in a sea of images from each and every wave of Pinterest…Instagram….Facebook and Google image searches! ( I love the beach…your going to realize that about me…)  There are more styles, themes, textures and colors than any one wedding can hold.  So after you go through the amazing styles that are out there for the searching bride, be sure to download our Wedding Style-Sheet so you can help build your vision and it will help you keep to your style.  Share it with your wedding coordinator or cake decorator.  Its a great tool to keep your theme running throughout your wedding.

Heck, while researching for this post I fell into a Pinterest coma looking at all the amazing themes. Like Bohemian Glam!  I never thought I would ever want in my adult life to be married like an elegant woodland nymph near the ocean, but her I am.  Bye-by Great Gatsby Theme.

So let’s take a peek at the 10 Trends to look out for 2020.  And just for fun take our “What’s Your Theme Wedding Style” quiz and see what your personality says about your theme.

1. Sex In The City Chic

If there is a theme for a wedding I could snap my fingers and jump to the top of the charts it would be my vision of a Stylish Sex In The City themed wedding.  A wedding where you can let your inner Kate Spade, Miuccia Prada or Vera Wang run free.  Imagine a wedding accented with diamonds, pearls and the current fashion trending textiles.  Bright pops of colour that bring out the romance of the day. 

2. Boho Chic

If enchanted woodlands and mystical decor that has been inspired by the pages from a mythical woodland enchanted book then a Bohemian Wedding is just right for you.  With a Boho Chic theme you can incorporate an eclectic mix of natural, rustic, and vintage details that will bring a soft romantic feel to your wedding.  What other wedding makes a french braid fancy while you drap flowers through your hair? 


3. Beach

What could be better than standing on the beach with the ocean as your backdrop, promising to love, cherish and honour the love of your life?

Beach weddings give you the perfect excuse to plan a destination wedding to your favorite vacation spot with friends and family.  But fear not, if you are not able to do a destination wedding you can also bring the beach to your wedding.  Many venues have the look of a beach destination and with tropical plants and the right decor you can give the illusion of the beach to your guest.

4. Art Deco

Art Deco weddings bring the elegance and beauty of The Great Gatsby and the roaring 1920’s.  This is the perfect theme to have elaborate feathers, jewels and backdrop.  With the beautiful gold geometric lines to really bring the art deco to life.  It’s also a great theme to go with if your looking to have a jazz themed wedding.  Black, gold and cream are great colors to really complete the look.


5. Nautical

If the open sea, anchors and lighthouses are your thing then a Nautical themed wedding might be just right for you.  You can accent your wedding with anchors, rope and seashells.  Nothing says nautical wedding like blue and white strips.  But feel  free to experiment with elegant shades of beige that can five that sand on the beach effect.

6.  Vintage

Vintage weddings are one of the most loved and popular wedding themes o fall time.   It is one of the few themes that can join old world romance to modern design, making it one of the most versatile themes to mix in your own personal style.  It also has the most opportunities for DIY projects that look amazing.  And we love DIY!  

7. Modern Chic

If you love decor dripping in crystals, sleek lines mixed with modern trends then a Modern Chic wedding is perfect for a contemporary couple.  This is a great wedding for a couple that has a taste for all things current.

The best part of a Modern Chic wedding is that you can incorporate just about any theme into it. 

8.Industrial Chic Wedding

To start off an Industrial Chic Wedding you are going to want an amazing setting.  Find a space that has exposed brick, visible pipes and cement floors can be softened when paired with beautiful when paired with modern wedding decor and draping. 

9.  Modern 

Get ready to step away from the traditional pastels and soft colors that are the norm of weddings.  With a Modern Themed Wedding keep your decorating minimal but your colors will be more bold, why not throw in some black. Geometric shapes and designs will highlight your theme with sleek seating and a clean sleek structured backdrop.


10. Southern Inspired

Even if you were not born in the south you can’t deny its charm.  If your dream day is you being a Southern Bell surrounded by Azealia, Spanish Moss and the sweet smell of  Magnolia, then a Southern Inspired wedding is perfect for you.  This theme brings beautiful romance and elegance to your special day.

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